This Omeka site is a semester-long project created by the students of ENG 216 American Writers I at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. Students have built an archive of historical and digital resources relevant to our course syllabus. Because our course is oriented to the literary theory of New Historicism, we have built a repository of documents, images, maps, timelines, files, and other resources that add to our understanding of the historical and cultural context surrounding the primary texts that we read in class.

In addition, students have also created original media projects using Digital Humanities methods of reading and writing. DH is an emerging, interdisciplinary academic field that uses digital tools to conduct research and to interpret texts, then presents those findings using digital tools.

The collections in this course archive are organized around the primary texts we have read, discussed, researched, and written about in class. Along with original projects, students have also curated a collection of resources available online and in libraries and museums. Links and detailed citations are provided in the metadata.